Dec 17 2010

Twitter Link Round-Up for Dec. 17, 2010

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Photo by Kelci Block

Afraid you missed something interesting in the world of environmental law?  Read on for a list of articles posted on our Twitter feed @WMELSBlog.

– SA: @sciam A new study shows that curbing carbon could still save the polar bear from extinction #news #
– NYT: @dotearth Two approaches for dealing with politically charged scientific issues #news #
– NYT: @nytimes San Francisco looking toward the goal of 100% green power by 2020 #news #
– SA: @sciam US Justice Department is expected to announce civil legal action in response to the BP oil spill #news #
– MJ: @MotherJones Pessimism and strong-arming on climate change revealed in the wikileaks diplomatic memos #news #
– NPR: @NPR Electric grid managers are working on ways to handle the needs of electric cars #news #
– NYT: @nytimes Sen. Lindsey Graham is concerned about Republican’s position on regulating carbon emissions #news #
– NYT: @nytimesscience The US Southwest may be the first to feel the effects of climate change #news #
– NYT: @nytimesscience China is facing a risk of reaching “peak coal,” especially for domestic coal #news #
– BBC: Sea lice from farmed salmon may not be the cause of a decline in wild salmon #news #
– MJ: A deal was reached in the final hours of the Climate Conference #news #
– NYT: A city in Sweden is using waste in order to reduce its fossil fuel usage #news #
– NYT: D.C. Court of Appeals reject industry’s challenge to a GHG regulation rule #news #
– NG: German researchers are working on a greener way to make cement #news #
– NYT: Dem’s “Green the Capitol” initiative is likely to face some changes once the Republicans enter office #news #
– MJ: A new look at how climate change might affect children, especially in South Asia and Africa #news #

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