Jan 21 2011

Twitter Link Round-Up: Frankenfish, Arch Coal, and the Value of Human Life

Photo by Kelci Block

Afraid you missed something interesting in the world of environmental law?  Read on for a list of articles posted on our Twitter feed @WMELSBlog.

– TH: @TreeHugger Australia gives BP approval for offshore drilling project while the US revamps their own policies http://bit.ly/g4r5yu

– NYT: @nytimesscience Solar firms are becoming frustrated with a patchwork of municipal regulations regarding permits http://nyti.ms/e7ijpE

– BBC: @bbc Explorer believes Arctic could become an environmental battleground after BP’s drilling deal with Russians http://bbc.in/gtX3p0

– TH: RT @TreeHugger China has banned 300 animal circuses due to abuse concerns. http://bit.ly/gtfo2Y

– NYT: RT @nytimesscience: European Commission Halts Transfers of Carbon Emissions Allowances Until Thefts Are Sorted Out http://nyti.ms/hOU0tQ

– NYT: RT @nytimesscience Dot Earth: Tough Climate Math in the Face of CO2 and Energy Forecasts http://nyti.ms/g8sROM

– NYT: @nytimesgreen An Alaskan senator is seeking to ban the sale of genetically modified “frankenfish” http://bit.ly/gdIr0e

– MJ: @MotherJones Arch Coal chose not to use more sustainable practices in proposed mine rejected by EPA http://bit.ly/fhb87B

– NYT: @nytimesgreen ID has approved moving megaloads of refinery equipment across the state; litigation may be imminent http://bit.ly/htOktq

– NYT: @nytenvironment The EPA is planning to makeover the process of deciding how much to value a human life http://nyti.ms/ehM7D0

– NYT: @nytenvironment The EPA and California are defending the waiver for tailpipe standards in the state http://nyti.ms/fbCBUx

– NYT: @nytimesgreen Judge allows mining industry to move forward in challenging EPA’s mountaintop removal policies http://nyti.ms/ewTLWf

– NYT: @nytimesgreen New spill report says that Gov. Bobby Jindal was more flash than substance in relief efforts http://bit.ly/es5G6o

– NYT: @dotearth A look at the White House’s scientific integrity guidelines http://nyti.ms/hZfCtl

– NWF: RT @NWF Man could get 20 years for smuggling spiders: http://bit.ly/huQVat

– TH: @TreeHugger WWF found that Hong Kong’s ecofootprint is double what is globally sustainable http://bit.ly/gyAyoH

– NC: RT @nature_org: The oil spill commission says LA gov Jindal was a hindrance to the clean-up effort. http://nature.ly/eXFqvv (via @nytimes)

– NRDC: RT @NRDC: Judy Bonds, West Virginia #mountaintop activist, dies at 58 – http://ow.ly/3FypW

– MJ: @MotherJones Obama announces a new push to evaluate regulations to be more business friendly http://bit.ly/gv05h6

– NYT: Why Green Sector Industry may not produce a huge boom in jobs, it is still important to invest in it http://nyti.ms/fIrDNh

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