Jan 28 2011

Twitter Link Round-Up: Wild Lands, Invasive Rats, and EPA’s Veto Power

Photo by Kelci Block

Afraid you missed something interesting in the world of environmental law?  Read on for a list of articles posted on our Twitter feed @WMELSBlog.

– NYT: @nytimesscience Proposed bill in the House would limit EPA’s veto power and restore the Spruce No. 1’s permit http://nyti.ms/hNNunA

– SA: @sciam A new study shows how climate change could destabilize already weak nations http://bit.ly/eW2Itn

– NYT: @nytimesgreen The Supreme Court declines to intervene in a case of federal vs. state water rights http://nyti.ms/f95cBN

– NYT: @nytimesgreen Henry Waxman (D-CA) is pressing for investigation on who is funding climate skeptic http://bit.ly/gTxNd7

– NYT: @nytimesgreen The Bureau of Land Management is proposing new rules to curb oil and gas waste and emissions http://nyti.ms/fJkrdF

– NPR: @NPR The striped bass is declining again, but the culprit may be changes in weather, not overfishing http://n.pr/dWoeLm

– MJ: @MotherJones Will Obama defend the EPA’s ability to regulate GHGs in the pending legal challenge? http://bit.ly/gd9dZ0

– SA: @sciam New shipping rules may be needed to prevent “Arctic Titanic” as ships move further north into ice melt http://bit.ly/g51OiW

– MSNBC: @msnbc Greenland ice sheet has seen a record level of melt this year http://on.msnbc.com/igU8YP

– NYT: @nytimesgreen The Interior’s bid to increase regulatory fee on offshore drilling is going to result in a battle http://nyti.ms/dIovtA

– NYT: @nytimesgreen The BLM has failed to calm anger surrounding their new “wild lands” policy http://nyti.ms/eIxfud

– SA: @sciam EPA is being sued, alleging they approved pesticides without considering the effect on endangered species http://bit.ly/hrqIJk

– MSNBC: @msnbc Poisoning of invasive rats has begun on the Galapagos Islands in attempt to save endangered petrel http://on.msnbc.com/fVo31p

– AP: RT @AP: Calif. turns out lights on century-old incandescent bulb in favor of compact fluorescent, halogen, LED: http://apne.ws/eDHmG0 -RJ

– MJ: @MotherJones Republicans look toward cutting green energy programs as part of their budget overhaul http://bit.ly/fcgZhC

– TH: @TreeHugger Marine mammals are harmed by noise levels in the ocean caused by boats and sonar http://bit.ly/fhSSmT

– NYT: @nytimesgreen Thailand has closed diving sites in order to protect bleached coral reefs from further damage http://bit.ly/ei0OID

– MSNBC: @msnbc 100 emaciated, abused animals found and confiscated from an Idaho farm http://on.msnbc.com/dJ2RHX

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