Apr 08 2011

Twitter Link Round-Up: Looming Government Shut Down and More Earthquakes

Photo by Kelci Block

Afraid you missed something interesting in the world of environmental law?  Read on for a (non-comprehensive) list of articles posted on our Twitter feed @WMELSBlog.

– TH: @TreeHugger After finding new “super bugs” in water in New Delhi, India, WHO says we are losing the battle http://bit.ly/i2nW38

– HP: @HuffPostGreen Gulf residents say dead sea turtles are left rotting on the beaches http://huff.to/hX7O5y (RT)

– TH: @TreeHugger Carbon offsets are resurrected http://bit.ly/h8DvoG

– NYT: @thecaucus Proposed changes to the Clean Air Act are part of the reason budget compromise is being held up http://nyti.ms/eHp8dt

– WaPo: @washingtonpost Interior Department announces that #ifgovernmentshutsdown they will be closing national parks http://wapo.st/hWCYHO

– CBF: @chesbayprogram Coast Guard: Reports of illegal fishing charters up over last 2 years http://ow.ly/4v7Hn (RT)

– Oceana: @Oceana Dolphin die off in Gulf – how bad is it? http://bit.ly/gL7xaj (RT)

– NYT: @nytimesgreen Considering whether nuclear power is too “brittle” to be a staple of energy production http://nyti.ms/gJSrTp

– MSNBC: @msnbc A magnitude 6.5 earthquake hits Mexico and shakes the capital http://on.msnbc.com/dYQsAU

– TH: @TreeHugger The Economist says that there is only enough oil left for 50 years http://bit.ly/dEJ31o

– TH: @TreeHugger RT @Grist Paul Ryan’s Big Oil budget halts energy innovation http://ow.ly/4uWxr (RT)

– NYT: @nytimesgreen Republicans open investigation into Obama’s shutdown of the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage http://bit.ly/fSUVAJ

– NYT: @nytimes Senate turns back House’s restrictions on EPA’s efforts to address climate change http://nyti.ms/eJIc1T

– SA: @sciam Investment in clean energy up in many countries; China biggest investor, Mexico has biggest increase http://bit.ly/fy4na9

– TH: @TreeHugger Good example of environmental trade-offs; toxic coalition reveals dirtiness of solar industry http://bit.ly/e221to

– TH: @TreeHugger Mangroves are important sources of #carbon absorption, even more than other forest types http://bit.ly/hjOJYJ

– NPR: @nprscience 13.7 Blog: Energy Choices Are Bearing Down On Us, With Hard-To-Swallow Costs In Tow http://n.pr/gc41F6 (RT)

– WP: @washingtonpost Scientists concerned massive pool of fresh water in Arctic Ocean could alter Atlantic currents http://wapo.st/hK1uLX

– NYT: @dotearth At Fukushima, water barriers against radiation considered belatedly http://nyti.ms/e5LHuM

– NYT: @nytenvironment A number of species are threatened by climate change http://nyti.ms/gJwuiD

– MJ: @MotherJones Radiation found in seawater off the coast near Fukushima, leading to concerns about radiation in fish http://bit.ly/eJGdZb

– NYT: @nytenvironment Judge seems sympathetic to Massey in Upper Big Branch mining case http://nyti.ms/gLrSPR

– NYT: @nytenvironment Advocacy group claims that water utilities have concealed the presence of a carcinogen in water http://nyti.ms/f9o7Ug

– Legal Planet: Climate deniers hit by friendly fire at hearing http://bit.ly/gsAood

– TH: @TreeHugger Would you pay a small fee for your flight to protect people from climate change? http://bit.ly/eoM0YH

– NYT: @nytenvironment Buried in a bill that guts EPA and ramps up oil drilling is a “reverse auction” for clean energy http://nyti.ms/dVH3HA

– NYT: @nytenvironment Green: On Our Radar: Salazar Slams Transocean Over Bonuses http://bit.ly/e1iNKD (RT)

– NYT: @nytimesscience Panorama of Species Tweaks Life for Climate http://nyti.ms/ibrYbx (RT)

– MSNBC: @msnbc Poll shows that workers care just as much about a business’s environmental impact as its balance sheet http://bit.ly/h4Z5xB

– NPR: @nprscience Radioactive Water To Be Released From Japan Plant http://n.pr/gw77Qu (RT)

– SA: @sciam A new study shows that urban areas could be facing a water shortage due to climate change by 2050 http://bit.ly/grXncx

– MSNBC: @msnbc Transocean gives its executives bonuses for “best year in safety performance” http://on.msnbc.com/gCrPoA

– NYT: @nytimesgreen A new study of the ice fields in Patagonia show that they are contributing greatly to sea level rise http://bit.ly/eSls3T

– NPR: @NPR Biodegradable golf balls also reduce waste from lobster production by using the lobster shells http://n.pr/fOF6PP

– NYT: @nytimes #BP petitions the government to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico http://nyti.ms/g3sF74

– NYT: @thecaucus #Obama explores the virtues of a fleet of “clean cars” by visiting businesses that have them http://nyti.ms/dJxC5p

– Law Prof Blog: An in-depth article about critical habitat and the Endangered Species Act http://bit.ly/ffZ1ES

– Check out the new environmental law blog I found! A link will also be put in the sidebar on the ELS blog. http://bit.ly/dOXnYW

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