Apr 22 2011

Twitter Link Round-Up: The Pika Headed for Extinction and BP Sues Transocean

Photo by Kelci Block

Afraid you missed something interesting in the world of environmental law?  Read on for a (non-comprehensive) list of articles posted on our Twitter feed @WMELSBlog.

– Yale360: @YaleE360 The American #Pika is in big trouble as their extinction rates skyrocket due to climate change http://bit.ly/eMIxfU

– CBF: @chesbayprogram Underwater Bay Grasses Decrease by 6,239 Acres in Chesapeake Bay and Rivers in 2010 http://bit.ly/hkmUX6 (RT)

– TH: @TH_RSS What Could the Oil Spilled in the Gulf Have Been Used For? Animated Video Explores the Answer…http://bit.ly/eMkrPa (RT)

– BBC: @BBCWorld #BP sues Transocean and maker of blowout preventer on the anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill http://bbc.in/gQzujE

– MSNBC: @msnbc New dam project in Laos could threaten world’s most productive inland fishery http://on.msnbc.com/eoEfhr

– CBF: @chesbayprogram O’Malley touts latest blue crab estimate http://ow.ly/4DuOL #baynews #chesbay (RT)

– TH: @TreeHugger American teenagers know less about climate change than their parents do, says study http://bit.ly/hxzfXZ #climatechange

– NPR: @NPR The Arctic Coastline, made mostly of permafrost, is slowly washing away http://n.pr/dYsJEJ #climatechange

– Nat Geo: @NATGEONEWS Four New Offshore Drilling Frontiers: With new technology, oil companies have extended the reach of … http://bit.ly/felFMr (RT)

– Reuters: @Reuters_Science Scientists want climate change early-warning system http://dlvr.it/NwRVl (RT)

– NPR: @nprnews Legal Drama Over Gulf Oil Spill Could Last Years http://n.pr/dYtNbu (RT)

– MSNBC: A year after the #BP #oilspill, we’re still trying to figure out where all the oil has gone http://on.msnbc.com/fq0hwN

– ELPB: Natural gas industry responds to possibility of new regulation by creating website disclosing fracking chemicals http://bit.ly/ep7uZr

– Legal Planet: Dispelling myths about the EPA’s authority to regulate GHGs under the Clean Air Act http://bit.ly/fMCuAJ #ghg #EPA

Audubon: @audubonsociety E-mails expose BP attempts to control scientists http://bit.ly/gy8Pmw #oilspill (RT)

– LAT: @LATenvironment #Mining claims based on outdated law threaten the health of several national parks http://lat.ms/f0IZ0W (RT)

– HuffPo: @HuffPostGreen Oil spill claims czar pleased despite glitches, criticism http://huff.to/gAzhis (RT)

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